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"GNSA has always met our needs. Their staff excels in relationships with our office. They are dependable. You make a call and if the person answering does not have the answer they are quick to reply and search for someone that knows. They are prompt in their processing of payroll, and returning with answers to our questions. We appreciate the job they do and certainly are glad we found out about them. It has provided us with freedom in not having to be here for payday! At first there were a few grumbles from the staff but after having it one month it helped resolve a lot of small issues we had prior to having GNSA. We love it! We are glad we changed to GNSA. Their biggest asset is their staff and the quickness in which they work to solve problems."


"I chose GNSA because I wanted an electronic payroll system that had an internal time clock. Setup was easy. My staff loves it and I can now do payroll in 30 minutes or less! GNSA has made life easier for not only me, but my staff too."

-Office Manager

Being a new client with GNSA we experienced great customer service handled with professionalism and promptness. The product is user friendly, easy to learn and implement. We had such a great experience and smooth transition going from another service provider to GNSA. We would recommend GNSA and their professional service to prospective clients.

-Director of Human Resources

Our manufacturing company of 100 employees has been a client of GNSA for several years. We were cautious in changing from a large, well-known payroll/HR services company to a smaller, local company but the change has been very positive for us. GNSA’s staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns and we work with specific members of their team that know us and our business.

GNSA’s web-based products are much easier to use than our old system and the time spent on processing timecards and payroll has dropped significantly. We have better reporting capabilities that can be customized and run at any time from any internet-accessible location.

The best part is that GNSA is able to provide their products and services at a cost substantially less than we were paying with our old company. More recently we transferred our 401k administration to GNSA and have enjoyed similar efficiencies, service and cost savings.


"GNSA’s staff never tires of questions, even when they are repeated questions. The staff is always accessible in a timely manner. Processing payroll prior to going with GNSA was a 2-3 day event each pay period. With GNSA's integrated HRM system, processing payroll can be accomplished well within one business day.
GNSA allow us to put day to day time management responsibility back on the employees where it belongs. This has a two-fold benefit: employees pay more attention to their hours and my HR manager is freed up for other responsibilities. The scheduling module in Timeforce has enabled us to develop core schedules for our staff so that we can monitor labor expenses by exception."