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Northwest Manufacturing Company

Our manufacturing company of 100 employees has been a client of GNSA for several years. We were cautious in changing from a large, well-known payroll/HR services company to a smaller, local company but the change has been very positive for us. GNSA’s staff is always available to help with any questions or concerns and we work with specific members of their team that know us and our business.

GNSA’s web-based products are much easier to use than our old system and the time spent on processing timecards and payroll has dropped significantly. We have better reporting capabilities that can be customized and run at any time from any internet-accessible location.

The best part is that GNSA is able to provide their products and services at a cost substantially less than we were paying with our old company. More recently we transferred our 401k administration to GNSA and have enjoyed similar efficiencies, service and cost savings.